Fencing Solutions

There are many factors to consider when replacing and renewing your fencing, New Forest Facades can recommend the best solution for your fencing requirements and carry out a professional install. The following information covers all fencing options, close board fencing, panel fencing, wooden posts & gravel boards, concrete gravel boards.

For the full fencing regulations click here for the governments planning portal.

Panel Fencing

There are many different types of panel fencing available today, the most common two types are close board panel and lap panel. Other types of fencing include different variations in build and design if you desire a certain asthetic look, for example if you wanted a panel fence with a latice top panel of a certain shape, a curve for example.

Panel Fence Sizes

The fence panels are generally available in the following sizes:

  • 2ft        Close board / Lap panel
  • 3ft        Close board / Lap panel
  • 4ft        Close board / Lap panel
  • 5ft        Close board / Lap panel
  • 5ft 6"    Close board / Lap panel
  • 6ft        Close board / Lap panel
  • 7ft        Close board / Lap panel

Please not: NOT ALL panel types and designs are available in all the sizes above, this is just a guide for the two main types of fence panels reguarly used.

Close Board Fencingcloaseboard fencing

Closeboard fencing is constructed on site using featheredge boards, these boards are usually 125mm wide and you can have up to 3m spans between posts.

1.8m high fences will need 2.4m posts as it is recommended that a minimum of 600mm of the fence post is embedded in the ground. With close board fencing up to 1.35m high you would have 2 rails running along the fence, over 1.35m you would use 3 rails along the fence. The rail side will generally face the owners property with the panel side facing the neighbour.