Driveways & Patios

New Forest Facades offer a wide range of driveways, patios and path solutions. Whether you're looking for a gravel, block paving or resin bonded stone, we can accomodate you. Upon giving us a call one of our expert team will visit your property and discuss your needs, resulting in a no obligation quotation and giving you the space to decide in your own time if you wish to go ahead with the work. We DON'T do a hard sell.

For full driveway and patio regulations click here, for the governments portal.


There are some choices to make when deciding on what type of finish would be best for you and your property, not just the asthetic look of the finished product. Our expert team will talk through with you the various choices you are looking at and quote for the various methods so you can make an informed choice.

Gravel drivewaysGravel driveway

Gravel driveways are very popular, as properly installed they can result in a practical and attractive driveway that will last for years and years.

Advantages over other methods

  • Relatively cheap
  • Easy to maintain
  • Strong and maintains proper drainage
  • A long lasting solution
  • Using different coloured grvael can result in unique designs


  • If not properly installed it can spread and thin easily
  • Improper installation without a membrane can result in weeds, puddles, dips and ruts
  • Gravel can get stuck in tyre treads and shoes

Block paving drivewaysblock paving driveway

Block paved driveways are a very popular solution due to the possibilities of bespoke pattern and designs with a combination of the different paving slabs available.

Advantages over other methods

  • Unique designs
  • Minimal maintenance if properly laid
  • Can use the driveway as soon as it's laid.


  • The most expensive of the options
  • Dips, weeds and ruts can appear if not properly laid

Asphalt DrivewaysAsphalt driveway

Asphalt driveways can give a great finish to your drive up to your property, with generally quite low installation costs compared to concrete and paved driveways.

Advantages over other methods

  • Relatively cost effective
  • Fairly low maintenance


  • Turning wheels on a standing vehicle can cause lacerations to the surface
  • Poorly laid driveways can crack and show weeds
  • Parking in one spot can cause depressions

Concrete Drivewaysconcrete driveways

Concrete driveways can give you a hard wearing long lastng surface, these are mid-priced and one of the least in maintenance.

Advantages over other methods

  • One of the lowest methods for maintenance
  • Hard wearing surface
  • Pothole & weather resistent
  • Colour options available


  • Light colours can show vehicle oil stains
  • Driveways can crack


There are many different choices when it comes to having a new patio added to your property or if you're revamping an existing one. If you can't decide on what's best for your property, one of our team can visit you and advise on a patio style that would best suit your personal taste and suit your property. With a choice of decking, concrete, natural stone, flag stone, brick & paving slabs you can have a massive range of style variations.

Brick PatiosBrick patio

Brick patios can be laid in all different colours of brick, over time these will need jet washing/cleaning to keep them looking their best.

Brick patios are a good hard wearing patio surface which are suitable for most homes and garden types. Depending on the type of brick used, the price can vary per suare metre.

Paved Patiospaved patio

Paved patios have a huge variety of choice when it comes to the type of stone combination and pattern you wish to have. These will need general cleaning and maintenance to keep thme looking their best.

Depending on the type of paving slabs used, the price for a patio can vary hugely per square metre. You should have a budget in mind when deciding what paving slabs you'd like to use.

Decking for PatiosDecking

A good hard wood patio decking can last for years. With regaular maintenance, cleaning and treatment to preserve the wood, the decking should continue to look as good as the day it was installed.